OBSBOT Production Set Complete

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OBSBOT Production Set Complete

The Obsbot Tail Air AI 4K Camera Production Set is the ultimate solution for portable video productions. This compact and powerful unit combines three cameras, lights, tripods, wireless microphones, and two baby plates into a single, easy-to-transport set. Everything you need for professional recordings fits into a handy bag – ideal for on-the-go. The complete equipment can also be operated without direct power supply, making it perfect not only for on-the-go use.

With the advanced AI technology of the Obsbot Tail Air 4K camera, you can capture impressive footage in stunning 4K quality. The intelligent tracking function ensures that your production always stays in focus. Various mounting options through tripods and the baby plate offer you maximum flexibility in positioning and using your equipment.
What used to require multiple cases and boxes can now be easily transported in a single, handy bag. This bag can be comfortably carried with one hand. The increased mobility and efficiency allow the Obsbot Tail Air Production Set to be carried, set up, and operated by just one person.


57cm x 46cm x 19cm

Set Contents:

Obsbot Tail Air AI 4K Camera:

  • 4K Resolution: Crystal clear image quality for professional recordings.
  • Artificial Intelligence: Automatic tracking and control for dynamic and precise shots.
  • Compact Design: Lightweight and portable for maximum mobility and flexibility.
  • Intuitive Operation: Control and adjustment through the user-friendly Obsbot App.


  • CMT60 Bi Color: Adjustable color temperature from warm to cold (3200 – 5600 K), ideal for any lighting mood and environment. Perfect for professional lighting solutions. 
  • Nanolight: Powerful and compact, ideal for precise lighting of smaller scenes or as supplementary light.


  • Luucco ProTalker S2: Two high-quality microphones with a receiver featuring noise-canceling function for clear and precise audio recordings of up to 8 hours. (With the included case up to 20 hours) The range is up to 250m


  • Bag: Sturdy bag for safe transport and storage of all your equipment. Numerous compartments and padding ensure optimal protection and organization.


  • Babyplate: Versatile mounting plate for various attachment options.
  • Straps (small): Durable straps for secure attachment and securing of your equipment.
  • Magnets (small): Practical magnets for flexible attachment options to metallic surfaces.
  • Suction Cups: High-quality suction cups for stable mounting on smooth surfaces.
  • Obsbot Tripods: Stable, height-adjustable tripods specially designed for the Obsbot camera, ensuring optimal positioning.
  • Light Stands: Robust and versatile adjustable stands for optimal light positioning.

Package Contents:

-1x Obsbot Multicamera Set
-3x Obsbot Tripods
-2x CMT60 Bi Color
-2x Nanolight
-1x Luucco ProTalker S2
-2x Babyplate
-2x Straps (small)
-4x Magnets (small)
-1x Suction Cups
-2x Light Stands
-1x Bag

Product details

Titel OBSBOT Production Set Complete
Artikelnummer OBS-TailAir-PSC
EAN 747052088166


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