Model 13 Tripod Set with Dolly

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Second Wave - Model 13 Stativ

Second Wave - Model 13 Stativ

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Second Wave - Dolly 1

Second Wave - Dolly 1

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Product description

Model 13 Tripod Set with Dolly

Second Wave Model 13 Set Second Wave brings stability. The Second Wave Teleprompter Tripod offers a maximum load capacity of 13.6 kg and a high quality finish.  We have often been asked if we can offer a low cost tripod for our teleprompters from Prompter People. Some customers nowadays have small cameras and small tripods to go with them. If a tripod with a high load capacity is needed, a tripod would have to be purchased that costs as much as the teleprompter. This does not make sense. Or a teleprompter unit is needed for seminar recording, where teleprompter and tripod are always connected. Users simply don't want to spend so much on a classic tripod. We wanted a tripod that is capable of safely carrying a teleprompter and camera and allows comfortable handling. We found this with this tripod. The core features are: * professional tripod system * 100 head * Pivoting capabilities: 360 degrees horizontally and 180 degrees vertically * Load capacity 13.6 kg * Tripod material: aluminum * 3 sections // double extendable * extendable bottom spider, allows lower camera position * illuminated spirit level, easy operation in the darkness * quick release system with safety lock, holds the camera securely * sliding camera plate to adjust the center of gravity of the camera/prompter * quick and safe setup, thanks to large adjustment knobs * bag is included The teleprompter tripod from Second Wave is the ideal complement for many teleprompter/camera units. Technical data: Dead weight: 7,7 Kg Carrying capacity: 13,6 Kg Transport length: 88 cm Minimum height: 51 cm Maximum height: 170 cm Second Wave is committed to developing high quality second generation equipment and offering it at a competitive price. The selected devices go through a strict selection process to ensure high customer satisfaction. Second Wave - Dolly The Second Wave - Dolly for camera tripods. With this you can realize camera movements in a professional way. You can use the Second Wave - Dolly for individual, straight or curved camera movements. The Second Wave - Dolly, is a perfect extension for the Second Wave - Model 8, Model 13 or Model 20.

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Titel Model 13 Tripod Set with Dolly


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