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Second Wave LED Spotlight CMT60 Daylight

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Product description

Second Wave LED Spotlight CMT60 Daylight

Second Wave CMT 60 LED Spotlight Daylight We develop and improve LED light of the second generation together with a Chinese manufacturer and a German broadcasting company (TVN, Hannover). The knowledge of Stefan Schröder, chief cameraman at TVN and Thomas Nowara, managing director of SCHNITTPUNKT, flows directly into the development and improvement of the lights. This unique collaboration aims to develop the best lights for the professional sector; One of the top products resulting from this collaboration is the CMT 60 spot, which is available in Daylight and BiColour versions. The CMT60 spot is a handy, small LED spot, which is characterized by a very strong brightness. Other special features are the compact, small design and the high light quality. In summary, a true Second Wave product that has been developed by the many contributors to a mature and well thought-out final result.   Light output The flexible spotlight. The light can, by rotating the front tube body, be highly focused and used as contour light. Defocused, we have a soft light that is suitable for both portraits and subject photography. And 60 watts of continuous light is really bright. The high CRI value of 97 shows that this is a high-quality light. Housing The round shape makes it necessary to use a high quality plastic housing. The bracket is made of metal and allows for secure mounting and high stability.   Power connections The power connection is located directly on the spot. In addition, the CMT-60 can be powered by standard NP-F batteries or by the included D-Sub adapter with V-Mount batteries. This ensures three different ways of power supply. Mains connection is recommended wherever possible. Then, because of the high power, V-mount batteries. And - last but not least - because of the wider distribution, of course, the NP-F batteries.   Transportation: Due to its compact design, the user can transport a lot of light without needing much space. The three light set offers a light case for almost all situations and that in the smallest space. Model name:CMT60 Portable LED spot light, daylight 5600K, with power cord, adapter, dimmer, LCD, D-tap cable, soft filters + RGB color filters,barndoor,bag. Photometrics Optical System: SuperSoft spot LED Light Color temperature: 5600 K  Light flux xxxx lumens Illuminance Spot Position (15º ) Wide Position (75º ) 9200 lx@1m 4300 lx@1m 5550K 5510K Color Rendition: CRI =96.5 % CRI =96.5 % TLCI =98.2 % TLCI =98.2 % Beam Angle : 15º-75º Color Temperature Tolerance: +/- 100 K (nominal) Green-Magenta Adjustment: NOT IN THIS MODEL Dimming: 0 to 100 % continuous Light Aperture (LxH): 70 mm Light Type SMD 5600K LED Electronic  Estimated LED Lifetime (L70): 50,000 hours Estimated Color Shift Over Liftetime: +/- 5 % Power Lamphead Voltage Input: 7.4 TO 14.8 Vdc Power Consumption: 60W Maximum Lamphead Power Connection: Male 4-Pin Mini XLR - 7 Amp Battery Connector: DV Battery DC Voltage Range: 7.4 to 14.8 Vdc Battery Mode Light Output: 100% of total output Power Supply Input Range: 100 to 240 Vac, 50/60 Hz Power Supply Output Range: 12 Vdc 7A Power Supply Weight: 0.316 Kg Power Supply Dimension: 140x60x35  (L x H x W) Power Supply Mounting:   Power Supply Input Connection: AC Power Socket type N Power Supply Output Connection: Female 4-Pin Mini XLR - 7 Amp (Pin 1: Negative / Pin 2: Positive)    Physical Characteristics Light Weight Only: 1.94 kg  Packed Weight: 2.197 kg  Size w/ spigot (L x H x W): 140x210x220 Size w/o spigot (L x H x W): 95x95x220  mm  Packed Size (L x H x W): 380x210x120  mm Handling: Aluminum Yoke, High Strength Tilt Lock  Mounting: 16 mm Pin (5/8" ) Tilt Angle: +/- 180º Housing Material: Full Aluminum Aviation Alloy Housing Color: Black Ambient Temperature Operation: -20 to +45C (-4 to +113ºF) Max. Operation Temperature (Cabinet): 60o C Protection Class / IP Rating: III / IP20 Estimated LED Lifetime: 50,000 hours Estimated Color Shift Over Liftetime: +/- 5 %

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Titel Second Wave LED Spotlight CMT60 Daylight


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