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Model 13 tripod set with dolly

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Second Wave - Model 13 Stativ

Second Wave - Model 13 Stativ

Delivery: 3-5 working days
399,00 € Plus 19% Tax. Plus. Shipping
Second Wave - Dolly 1

Second Wave - Dolly 1

Delivery: 3-5 working days
129,00 € Plus 19% Tax. Plus. Shipping

Product description

Model 13 tripod set with dolly

Second Wave Model 13 Set

Second Wave brings stability

With the Second Wave® Teleprompter Tripod we once again succeeded in fulfilling this high aspiration.

We have often been asked if we can offer an inexpensive tripod for our Prompter People teleprompters. Some customers have small cameras and matching small tripods. If you need a tripod with a high carrying capacity, you would have to buy a tripod which might cost as much as the teleprompter. That makes no sense. Or you are looking for a teleprompter to record your seminar, where teleprompters and tripods are always connected. The users simply don't want to spend so much on a classic tripod.

We wanted a tripod that is able to carry a teleprompter and camera safely and allows a comfortable handling. We achieved this with our SWTS solution.

The core features of the Second Wave Teleprompter Tripod are:
* professional tripod system
* 100mm head
* Panning options: 360 degrees horizontally and 180 degrees vertically
* carrying capacity 13 kg
* Material of the tripod: Aluminium
* 3 sections // double expandable
* Extendable floor spider, allows deeper camera position
* illuminated water level, simple operation in the dark
* Quick release system with safety lock, holds the camera securely
* movable camera plate to adjust the center of gravity of the camera/prompter
* fast and safe assembly, thanks to large adjustment knobs
* Bag included in delivery

Technical data:
Weight: 7,7 Kg
Load capacity: 13 Kg
Transport length: 88 cm
Minimum height: 51 cm
Maximum height: 170 cm

Second Wave® has set the goal to develop high-quality devices of the second generation and to offer them at a good pricepoint. The selected devices go through a strict selection process to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction.

Second Wave - Dolly

The Second Wave - Dolly, is a dolly for camera tripods.
With this dolly you can realize camera movements in a professional way.
With the Second Wave - Dollyyou can realize individual camera movements, whether straight or curved.
The Second Wave - Dolly, is a perfect extension for the Second Wave - Model 8, Model 13 or Model 20.

Storage and use instructions:

Second Wave

Product details

Titel Model 13 tripod set with dolly
Artikelnummer SW-TS13-SET
EAN 747052088067


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