OBSBOT UVC to NDI Adapter firmware update

Exciting news! Our latest firmware update for the UVC to NDI Adapter now supports the VISCA protocol, enabling advanced remote control of your webcams without physical constraints. Here's what we'll cover:

1. IP Address Retrieval: Quick steps to find your adapter's IP through OBSBOT Center or Web UI.

2. Remote Control Methods: Master various remote control methods via VISCA-enabled peripheral keyboard or software like vMIX and OBS Studio.

3. Accessing VISCA Command Set: Explore available VISCA commands to customize and refine your camera controls.

Ready to take your video production to the next level? 


The newest firmware update for UVC to NDI Adapter has introduced support for the VISCA protocol. VISCA (Video System Control Architecture), developed by Sony, is a widely adopted camera control protocol that enables users to perform detailed remote operations via IP networks.

The UVC to NDI Adapter's integration with the VISCA protocol enables remote control of the webcam across networks without physical constraints, managing functions like focus, zoom, shutter speed, and white balance. This update supports quick switching shooting angles with more scene presets, improving efficiency in live streaming and recordings.

  • You can open OBSBOT Center to check IP address of the UVC to NDI Adapter.


You can also get IP address from the Web UI.


Method 1: Control by using a VISCA-enabled peripheral keyboard (similar to Tail Air VISCA over IP).

Method 2: Control through the software supporting VISCA protocol, such as vMIX or OBS Studio.

  • Taking vMix software as an example, you should add input and find your NDI resource first.



  • Then open settings and select Sony VISCA over IP in vMix. Now you can use the PTZ control to adjust the image.



Method 3: Use according to the VISCA instruction table.

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